You might not be familiar with Hand Box if you're reading this in the UK or the USA, but we have a long history of creating great amplification for musicians and pro audio engineers.

Founder Leszek Brzozowski began creating flight-cases in the early '80s (hence the name Hand Box – 'Hand-made boxes'!). Constant development of his technical & acoustic knowledge led to the creation of his first speaker cabinets a few years later.

During the mid '80s demand grew for more powerful speaker and PA systems, most of which were prohibitively expensive. Leszeks's passion, ingenuity and determination, combined with countless hours of testing, led to the creation of several new solutions, providing high-performance at reasonable prices.

By the end of the '80s, production had moved away from flight-cases, concentrating almost exclusively on PA arrays. By now the name 'Hand Box' was well-known, finally leading the formal establishment of Hand Box Audio in 1989.

We began to expand in the early '90s, introducing new technology into the design & manufacturing process. In the mid '90s, the Polish entertainment industry was shaken by the emergence of a new genre: 'Disco Polo', or 'Pavement Music', was a new kind of music that could be created by kids in their homes. It led to a flood of new large, modern clubs, packed out with young kids wanting to have fun. Disco Polo bands rose from anonymity, becoming stars and teenage idols.

As performances outgrew traditionally dingy, hidden venues, demand increased for more professional productions involving great sound and lighting. Hand Box tapped into this demand, designing and manufacturing the BLT-400, a speaker array which quickly achieved a cult following.

Around this time, another big step was taken- Hand Box branched out into amplification. We assembled a creative and talented team of engineers and technicians, and never looked back, developing a range of power amplifiers, monitors, mixer amps, instrument amps and active speakers.

Years of experience developing bass and guitar amplifiers has led to the creation of our range of boutique bass amplifiers- the Hand Box team now includes experts in both modern PA technologies, as well as specialists in analogue and vacuum-tube amplification.

As your demands as a working musician evolve, Hand Box has the vision and creativity to create the original, practical and reliable products you desire.


- Hand Box is a well-organized workshop with experienced staff and quality technical facilities.

- Our vision is to create high-performance, practical and reliable devices for our customers, and we have nearly 100 production items in our portfolio.

- New products are introduced based on feedback from regular customers, partners and careful market research.

- We work closely with well-known musicians whose opinions are vital in creating new products.

- We have built many custom orders, adapting our products to the unique requirements of our customers.

- Hand Box actively encourages the careers and artistic activities of young, ambitious musicians founding and sponsoring many awards at various festivals and reviews.

- Promoting the company's activities in this way this also has the advantage of providing a testing ground in the implementation of new technologies. This knowledge is an invaluable resource, helping us plan further R&D.

When a product bears the Hand Box logo, we're confident that you'll love it.

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