Bailey Michael

Michael Bailey

English musician, has performed across the UK, Europe, America and beyond. A member of The Lindisfarne Story and The Caffreys, he's enjoyed a varied career in which he's also played bass for Mark Knopfler, Ruby Turner, The Junco Partners and many more.

  "I've been searching for an amp that will give me the rich, focussed & dynamic sound of a 'big amp' in a compact package. I've tried many of the leading brands over the years, including MESA, Genz & TC Electronic, but none ticked all the boxes.

My online research led me to Hand Box, and their R-400 head. It's incredible - the tone is punchy and responsive, and I can really feel the notes. The EQ is simple and intuitive, and I can easily add grit and growl if needed. Engineers love the clean, rich DI, and the construction is first-class: it's hand-built and solid, with a cool, practical design that really turns heads.

The R-400 is unique, and I adore it."- Michael